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Best Maternity and Obstetrician Centre for Painless Delivery

Maternity, labor and child birth are the pillar stones to the very progression of human life. The experience itself is heartwarming and deeply fulfilling. When it comes to one’s pregnancy, all parental instincts scream for the best available treatment for the expecting mother. read more

How sunshine can improve your chance of IVF success?

Sunshine not only warms our heart but also provide with a variety of benefits for human body. Sun rays have abundant quantities of Vitamin D in them. Mumbai indeed is a sunny place wherein we can get maximum of vitamin D free of cost. read more

Things You Should Know When Comparing IUI and IVF

The world we live in today has become polluted to a great extent which is a major reason for causing health issues. A lot of people are unable to keep up with the healthy lifestyle hence, often end up facing some critical health problems. read more

The IVF Centres Help to Get You Pregnant

If you are married for long and still not pregnant even after making much effort or even single and want to be pregnant then IVF centers can help you in this. If you are trying long to fight infertility and still success not experienced by you we recommend not to lose hope. read more

How Common is Infertility and Its Solution

Infertility is often a hidden in the closet problem. This is most probably because couples having fertility problems, tend to keep it to themselves for fear of being ridiculed or judged. In some cultures being infertile reflects poorly on a couples masculinity or feminity. You often get to know through the media read more

Get High Quality Maternity Services at the Saraogi Hospital

After conceiving, it is essential to find a good maternity hospital. This will ensure that your baby is healthy through all stages of pregnancy until the final delivery. A hospital is only as good as its medical staff. The best maternity hospitals have competent obstetricians and gynecologists. read more

How Can Female Infertility Be Treated Using IVF?

Based on the studies done via medical surveys which were undertaken by many medical organizations there are close to 10 to 15% of couples facing problems in conception. There are too many reasons which can affect the fertility of both women and men. read more

The significance of AMH in fertility treatment

AMH or Anti Mullerian Hormone is blood based investigation which can be carried out on a woman at any time. The significance of AMH is that it accurately tells us about a woman’s ovarian reserve – i.e. her capacity to produce eggs. read more

All you wanted to know about Donor eggs IVF

It is no surprise that advancement in test tube baby treatrment has occurred by leaps and bounds over the years. To add to the numerous dimensions of this advancement is the small but significant development of doing IVF/ ICSI using donor more

Infertility – The modern day disease

Diseases are known to come and go as epidemics and pandemics. Only a few diseases have been known to withstand the test of time and continue to increase in prevalence progressively year after more

Infertility Treatment at Saraogi Hospital – what makes us so good

Infertility is a global problem which affects about 1 in 7 pregnancies. The trouble with infertility is that people are often scared to accept the condition, often resulting is delayed diagnosis and treatment. Over the years fertility care has undergone massive transitions & more

Management Of Failed IVF Cycle Treatment

Failed IVF cycles are the biggest dilemma and source of anxiety for patients seeking test tube baby treatment. While there could be a variety of reasons for the failure of IVF cycles, a large number of them are idiopathic ( or without a reason ) more

What it takes to be the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai

Surrogacy is the part of fertility treatment which requires outsourcing of the womb. This is often required by women who have undergone a hysterectomy ( surgical removal of the womb ) but still desire pregnancy. Alternatively it may be required by women who have normally functioning ovaries but a damaged more

What to do & what not to do in pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are undoubtedly one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. Amidst all the joy that pregnancy brings with it, comes its fair share of confusion as more

The Impact of Age on Fertility

On a daily basis, I get a lot of couples suffering from fertility related issues whom I counsel. Quite a few of these cases are those of secondary infertility, which means that they have either had a delivery or abortion a few years ago, and they haven’t been able to conceive after more

Understanding Male Infertility - The First Step to Getting Pregnant

Couples get married because they love one another and because they want to have a family. It is understandable that they get anxious when they do not get more

Understanding Some Commonly Adopted Late Term Abortion Methods at Abortion Clinics

Abortion is a medical term, which means aborting the birth of an unwanted child. This is a complicated process that needs to be supervised by professional doctors and medical staffs. Abortion becomes more risky, as time of pregnancy progresses. For example, in first trimester of pregnancy, abortion is considered to be easier as well as more

Saraogi Hospital - Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai

In 1980, Saraogi Maternity and General hospital came into existence and since then the hospital has thrived to become one of the best gynaecologist hospitals India. The objective of the hospital is to provide the best infertility, best endoscopic, best gynaecological services in Mumbai. In order to deliver quality the Saraogi hospital has the best gynaecologist in Mumbai more