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Donor Sperm Insemination

In cases where a male suffers from azoospermia / or complete absence of sperms. The couple is left with one of two choices. One is to undergo a testicular biopsy to try and retrieve some sperms which may or may not be there. If sperms are retirieved – these can simultaneously be used for IVF (formation of test tube baby ) by simultaneously retrieving eggs from the female. This procedure involves controlled ovarian hyperstumulation in the wife and careful coordination of the egg retrieval and the testicular biopsy.

An alternative to this procedure is donor insemination where a semen sample is taken from a suitably matched donor having the same blood group as the husband. The donor is screened to rule out diseases like HIV, HBsAg, VDRL and other blood borne diseases. The donor is also screened to rule out genetic diseases. Only after this is done is the sample collected and quarantined for a period of 6 months. Then the donor is retested after 6 months to rule out blood borne diseases.

Only after this is the sample used. & that too if it meets the minimum criteria for sperm motility and morphology. Donor insemination is like an IUI but with donor sperm. The chances for successful pregnancy are 15 to 20%. The baby has 50% of the genetic material of the parents.