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How Common is Infertility and Its Solution

Infertility is often a hidden in the closet problem. This is most probably because couples having fertility problems, tend to keep it to themselves for fear of being ridiculed or judged. In some cultures being infertile reflects poorly on a couples masculinity or feminity. You often get to know through the media or newspaper about renowned personalities having the same issues for which they are struggling to find a way out. Infertility is more common than you can imagine and chances are there that you know couples in your vicinity who are affected by the same problem but have not yet disclosed it.

It is estimated that 1 out of 7 couples suffer from fertility issues worldwide. It is not always that women are only affected by infertility problem; rather it is men who are responsible for infertility about 40% of the time. So, this is why a detailed evaluation into the cause of infertility matters. In general, infertility is defined as when a woman of reproductive age is unable to become pregnant while trying for the same for at least a year without using any sort of birth control. The rate of infertility is increasing over the years as it is expected that the issues go higher with the age of a woman. The tendency of women to get married at a later age in today’s times, decreases the chance of her becoming pregnant without assistance. This is because the fertility of women decreases as they get older, due to deteriorating egg quality and quantity. Moreover women in the younger age group are also facing increased infertility related issues due to the rising trend of obesity or sexually transmitted infections.

As far as the solution to infertility is concerned, you get no choice left other than seeing a doctor specializing in it. Saraogi hospital & Iris IVF Centre (fertility subdivision of Saraogi Hospital) is one such institution which excels in fertility solutions & comprises of the Best Infertility Specialist in Mumbai. The infertility specialists here are constantly giving hope to hundreds of infertile couples. They are constantly striving to bring success rates in infertility treatment superior to those of western countries and have largely been successful in their endeavor. Their equipment is state of the art and at par with some of the best fertility clinics worldwide.

When it comes to search for the Best IVF Centre in Mumbai, then Saraogi Hospital & Iris IVF Centre is the one you should consider to be your first choice. The center is proud to announce that their panel of fertility specialists are the best in the country and have numerous awards, publications and medals to vouch for their capability.

Besides being one of the Best IVF Clinics in Mumbai, it offers affordable treatment for couples with female or male fertility related issues for both medical and surgical causes of infertility. It also provides treatment for ovulatory disorder and other endocrine problems responsible for infertility. Surgical management and endoscopic procedures are also brought off here. They have a dedicated in house laparoscopy centre to tackle all surgical causes of infertility with minimal invasiveness.

When it is about surrogacy, be it gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy you can blindly rely on Saraogi Hospital & Iris IVF Centre, which is one of the Best Surrogacy Clinics in Mumbai, It offers all the services relevant to surrogacy under one roof. This means that you do not have to shuttle from one clinic to another for getting tests done. In the field of assisted reproduction techniques this clinic is very renowned and it provides with a full range of services to couples requiring surrogacy.

Couples around the world with infertility issues are mushrooming at the IVF Clinic in Malad day by day because of its widespread reputation.