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What it takes to be the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai

Surrogacy is the part of fertility treatment which requires outsourcing of the womb. This is often required by women who have undergone a hysterectomy ( surgical removal of the womb ) but still desire pregnancy. Alternatively it may be required by women who have normally functioning ovaries but a damaged uterus. It involves transferring of the embryos ( genetic offsprings of one woman ) into the womb of another woman after IVF – where the baby is allowed to grow for the 9 months of gestation. It is this other woman

(surrogate) which then goes through labour pains & goes on to deliver the baby.

The need for surrogacy is a traumatizing reality that often infertile couples have to deal with.

However there are several challenges that come with surrogacy that couples need to deal with, when they seek such treatment. Some of these challenges include –

  1. Reliability of the surrogate

  2. Regular monitoring of the surrogate and an assurance that she leads a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits and no addictions ( smoking etc )

  3. Compliance with regular antenatal follow ups and timely check ups.

  4. A good mental composure of the surrogate with the mental strength to understand that the baby on delivery has to be handed over to the commissioning parents.

  5. A fully screened surrogate ( should carry no infectious diseases and no hormonal abnormalities )

  6. A surrogate who has had a history of previous successful full term vaginal deliveries.

  7. Flexibility to undergo repeated procedures of embryo transfer – should one cycle fail, without charging an exhorbitant amount to the genetic parents &

  8. Medicolegally fool proof documentation which ensures complete legal rights of the genetic parents on the offsprings.

The best IVF center in Mumbai or rather the best IVF centers in Mumbai address all these key note issues and more. With the increasing demand for surrogacy in Mumbai, a lot of centers claim to offer surrogacy, but tend to overlook these salient points.

Our IVF center in Malad, offers a range of surrogacy services to needy patients & we can proudly claim to be one of the best in the country. We enroll only reliable surrogates with a reliable administrator who supervises their day to day activities. All our surrogates are given accommodation in a surrogate home where they spend their 9 months of pregnancy. In addition to monitoring their dietary habits and lifestyle, we also regulate their timely ANC follow ups. The other advantage of keeping a surrogate in a surrogate house is that clients have access to the surrogate at any point of time should the need arise.

Our legal back office team is renowned for its fool proof paperwork which ensures a smooth coordination between the donor and the commissioning parents. A lot of unnecessary complications are avoided due to the sheer diligence of our legal team.

The other flexibility we offer is a customized payment scheme to the client. This ensures a minimal monetary loss, should an IVF cycle with embryo transfer in a surrogate be a failure. Also all our contracts with the surrogate usually make provision for multiple attempts, should the first attempt fail.

Lastly we understand the importance of hard earned money. Hence we can proudly tell you that our surrogacy packages are the most competitive in the country monetarily, while ensuring that our services are quiet unmatched. So for surrogacy treatment in Mumbai you need not look any further than Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center in Mumbai.