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Since 1990, Saraogi Hospital, a name synonym with Women’s Healthcare started providing IVF treatment in Mumbai. Here, you are assured best gynecological, obstetric, endoscopic and infertility treatment. Iris IVF Centre, the subdivision of Saraogi Hospital exclusively handles the fertility segment of the healthcare centre. For years they have been offering the best IVF treatment in Mumbai.

At Iris IVF Centre, you can avail all the latest fertility solutions under one roof. With their innovative and affordable IVF treatment in Mumbai, they have helped complete thousands of families who had lost hope of ever becoming a parent. In all they have provided IVF treatment to 18000 plus patients till date.

The doctors here provide personalized, patient-centric treatment in a friendly and warm surrounding. We at Saraogi Hospital forge such close bond with our patients that they always revert to us in time of medical need.

This healthy relationship with the patients coupled with result oriented IVF treatment in Mumbai has made us a name to reckon with when it comes to fertility treatment.

Is IVF treatment a boon for childless couples?

  • Of course! With the help of IVF treatment and other assisted reproductive technology, millions of people worldwide have benefitted. Not being able to conceive after years of marriage is a nightmare for most couples and the psychological trauma that they undergo is unbearable.
  • But with the invention of IVF many couples at least have a ray of hope of becoming proud parents. Now, there are hundreds of clinics that provide this treatment however, a large section of people prefer getting their IVF treatment in Mumbai.
  • This is so because Mumbai has the right infrastructure for this procedure. You will find the best IVF centres here having the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and top IVF specialists are based here.
  • Among all the reputed clinics, Saraogi Hospital is the best IVF centre in Mumbai in terms of treatment and positive outcome. You can get your treatment done under the best doctors like Dr. Mohit Saraogi a Double Gold Medalist in FCPS & DGO Examinations and All India Toper in ICOG Examination.

Services offered by Iris IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital

1. Intrauterine Insemination / IUI

IUI is a non-invasive infertility procedure where the sperm is placed in the woman’s uterus at the time when she is ovulating. It is a simple procedure which is done in the doctor’s clinic without the use of anesthesia.

IUI is mainly used in the following conditions:

  • Low sperm count or mobility
  • Ejaculation dysfunction
  • Cervical mucus problem
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Hindrance due to cervical scar tissue

However, IUI is not recommended in case you have endometriosis, pelvic infection or disease of the fallopian tubes.

Intrauterine Insemination / IUI

IUI procedure:

  • IUI procedure is undertaken with or without ovulation-stimulating medications. The doctor performs this at the time of ovulation which is monitored with the help of ultrasound and blood test.
  • During the procedure, the male partner provides the semen sample which is washed in the authorized lab to remove the seminal fluid and motile sperm and it is concentrated into a small volume. Washing of the sperm is also done to cleanse it from potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Phasellus auctor augueThen the doctor will transfer the purified sperm near the opening of the fallopian tubes using a sterile cannula and a no-touch technique. IUI is a very common infertility treatment in Mumbai having the success rate of 15 to 20%.

Preparation of the semen varies from person to person depending on the sample. There are many types of methods used for washing and preparing the sperm such as:

  • Simple sperm wash
  • Swim Up technique
  • Single Density Gradient Centrifugation
  • Double density Gradient Centrifugation

These methods have to be chosen with care according to the requirement of the patient. However, not all the clinics providing infertility treatment in Mumbai offer all these techniques neither do they have the knowledge regarding them. So, it is necessary you choose the fertility center for your treatment with care.

Also, it is important that the sperm washing is either done in the same center or a close by place from where insemination is done as the sperms die in large number with every hour of delay from washing to insemination.

We at Iris IVF Centre provide all the above-mentioned techniques and our lab is available in the hospital premises itself so that valuable time is not wasted.

2. Donor Sperm Insemination

You may need a donor sperm insemination if you are suffering from the complete absence of sperms or azoospermia. Though, you may also have the option of undergoing testicular biopsy during which the doctor tries to retrieve the sperm if present from the testicles.

If the doctor is successful in retrieving the sperms then these sperms may be used for the IVF treatment. For this, there has to be a careful coordination in the process of eggs retrieval from the wife after controlled ovarian hyper stimulation and the procedure of testicular biopsy.

Donor Sperm Insemination

Another option is donor insemination. Here the sperm sample is obtained from a donor having similar blood group as your husband.

At Saraogi Hospital, a reputed IVF centre providing infertility treatment in Mumbai we are extra particular when using donor sperm. We screen the donor to rule out diseases such as genetic and blood-borne diseases, HIV, HBsAg and VDRL. Only after proper scrutiny do we collect the sperm sample and quarantine it for a period of six months. After six months the donor is tested again to rule out blood-borne diseases.

After undergoing all this process and checking the sperms motility and morphology finally, the donor sperm is used for donor insemination. This procedure is similar to IUI, however, the only difference here is the use of donor sperms. The baby born through this process has 50% of parent’s genetic material and the success rate of donor insemination is around 15-20%.

3. IVF and ICSI

When talking about infertility treatment, IVF and ICSI are their main segments which fall under test tube baby procedure. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure where the female eggs (oocyte) are incubated with around 50000 sperms so that the eggs are fertilized in a natural way. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus so that it can result in pregnancy.

On the other hand, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a more advanced method which is very commonly used for infertility treatment in Mumbai.


During this method, the single sperm is injected into each egg with the help of micromanipulator. ICSI treatment has a higher success rate than IVF as the best sperms are carefully chosen using microscopes to fertilize the eggs because of which better quality embryos are produced.

Many clinics are available for the IVF treatment in Mumbai but not all of these centres are equipped to meet the stringent criteria that are needed to make them one of the topmost clinics to provide the best IVF treatment in Mumbai.

Over the years, with the advancement in medical science, IVF treatment has grown into a big healthcare industry due to which many clinics are set up all over Mumbai to cater to this branch of gynecology.

However, you should be extra careful while choosing the clinic and the specialist for your IVF treatment in Mumbai, as the success of your treatment depends a lot on them. So prior to choosing an IVF clinic for your treatment you should check out for these parameters.

  • It is of utmost importance that the IVF centre has their own in-house andrology and IVF lab where all the facilities are available under one roof including sonography. In addition to it, they need the services of specialists who can handle the IVF cases. Unfortunately, many clinics claiming to be the best centres for IVF treatment in Mumbai do not have an in-house lab.
  • Apart from this, the center must have an experienced and trained IVF specialist who has undergone additional training other than the basic training in obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Having an expert embryologist at the clinic is one of the most crucial criteria that make it an IVF clinic of repute.

At IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital all the above parameters are taken care of and if you are looking out for an IVF treatment in Mumbai then visiting our clinic can maximize your chances of success.

“Dr. Mohit Saraogi, the head of the fertility subdivision of Saraogi Hospital is one of the best IVF specialists in India having various degrees such as M.B.B.S, M.D., D.N.B., D.G.O., F.C.P.S., I.C.O.G., M.N.A.M.S., M.R.C.O.G 1. He has studied at the famous Seth G. S. Medical College and K.E.M Hospital and is a triple gold medalist in DGO, FCPS and I.C.O.G. infertility and IVF exam which is conducted all over India.”

IRIS IVF Center is counted among the best centers for IVF treatment in Mumbai having the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Mohit Saraogi and the ultra-modern infrastructure with the most advanced equipment which is on par with the best in the world. Also, it is one of the few centers to provide hassle-free and transparent services for surrogacy in Mumbai.

So, your search for the best IVF treatment in Mumbai ends here as we at IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital have years of experience in the test tube baby treatment and our prices are hard to beat as we offer one of the cheapest IVF treatment in Mumbai.

4. Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an exclusive fertility treatment that is available at only a few centers in Mumbai as it is a highly specialized field. Here, couples who 0`"U0`"UЀZ"U !Z"U`"UP`"U[/P`"Us="col-lg-4">


In most cases, a gestational surrogate is used for surrogacy in India. Here the eggs are collected from the mother and are fertilized with the sperm of the father and the resultant embryo is then placed in the uterus of the gestational surrogate who carries the baby till birth. However, she is not genetically related to the child as it was not her eggs that were used.

Services provided by IRIS IVF Center for surrogacy treatment in Mumbai:

  • Legal Aid: You need to be very careful during this treatment because if not handled with care then there may be many legal issues. We have a strong legal team at Iris IVF Center at Saraogi Hospital that takes care of all your legal documents so that there are no unnecessary hassles and the baby is handed over to the parents without any hitch.
  • Provided ideal surrogate: The surrogates at the IRIS IVF Center are chosen after proper scrutiny to rule of any diseases and illness. Apart from this, they are required to have a history of successful vaginal delivery and their uterine cavity is also evaluated through hysteroscopy to ensure that they can carry the pregnancy to term.
  • Care of the surrogate: We take care of the surrogates for the entire duration of the pregnancy. The surrogates are provided lodging in the surrogate homes so that their diet and medicines are constantly monitored by the supervisors and are provided check-ups at regular intervals.
  • Attractive surrogacy packages: It’s a myth that surrogacy is a very costly procedure. We at IRIS IVF Center at Saraogi Hospital offer this treatment at probably the most reasonable cost in Mumbai and we even have installment options for people who cannot make the payment in one go. For further information, you can visit the clinic for the best IVF treatment in Mumbai.

5. Egg, Sperm & Embryo Freezing

Nowadays, people tend to freeze their eggs, sperms and embryos for various reasons like advancing age which decreases the quality of the eggs and sperms or treatments like chemotherapy and radiation which has a devastating effect on the fertility of the person who may find it hard to conceive naturally. So with the help of cryopreservation, they have the option of having their biological children later on in life.

Egg, Sperm & Embryo Freezing

Another important factor for opting for cryopreservation is the excess embryos which are left unused after your ICSI or IVF treatment. Usually, during IVF treatment around 2 to 3 embryos are placed in the uterus depending upon the age of the woman, the rest of the embryos are left unused.

So, it is best to freeze and store the leftover good quality embryos with vitrification so that they can be used at a later date in case your IVF cycle fails and you want to opt for another cycle or are planning to have another baby. By doing so, you can get the subsequent cycle at a fraction of the original cost by utilizing your frozen embryos after thawing them. And mark you; the success rates are equal or more than the IVF treatment done using fresh embryos.

We provide this valuable service at Iris IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital where the embryo recovery rate after defreezing is more than 95% making it one of the most sophisticated centres for IVF treatment in Mumbai.

6. Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a process where the frozen embryos from the previous IVF cycle are thawed and placed in the woman’s uterus during the subsequent cycle. By doing so, the woman is spared from undergoing a cycle of hormone stimulation and egg collection.

The FET procedure is very beneficial as it substantially cuts down the cost of the future IVF cycles. Most clinics offering IVF treatment in Mumbai encourage the patients to undergo the second cycle using FET as it is cost-effective and gives wonderful results.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

However, before the actual transfer, the woman’s uterus is developed through medications and when it reaches the optimum level the embryos are thawed and transferred to the uterus.

And the best part is the recovery rate of the frozen embryo is excellent and the success rate of the cycle is on par or better than the IVF cycle done using fresh embryos. We believe that this procedure gives better results and thus recommend it to patients visiting us at IRIS IVF Center at Saraogi Hospital.

At IRIS IVF Center, we also perform this procedure using donor eggs as the quality and quantity of the eggs in women in their mid-thirties decreases. You will have to pay the donor for their services and we do not disclose the identity of both the donor and the commissioning parent to each other so as to protect their interest and the offspring born out of the donor’s eggs is legally the child of the commissioning parents.

But at Saraogi Hospital we do provide the details such as blood group, height, eye color, hair color and the complexion of the donor so that you can choose the donor which matches your attributes. Also, the donor is checked thoroughly to rule out any infectious diseases such as AIDS, VDRL, HCV, etc.

7. Minimal Invasive Surgery / Laparoscopic Surgery Services

IRIS IVF Center, the name associated with the best IVF treatment in Mumbai believes in being abreast with the latest gynecological procedures which use minimally invasive techniques where complex surgical procedures are involved.

Sophisticated instruments like laparoscope and other specialized equipment are used for surgeries which involve 2 to 4 tiny incisions on the abdomen that are not more than 1 cm long. There are many advantages of undergoing laparoscopic surgery like quick recovery, lesser pain and no ugly scars. Nevertheless, the doctor is best suited to decide if you are an ideal candidate for this type of surgery as many criteria are taken into account.

Minimal Invasive Surgery / Laparoscopic Surgery Services

At Saraogi Hospital we provide Hysteroscopy and well as Laparoscopy. Hysteroscopy is used to see inside the uterine cavity and it helps diagnose and treat the abnormalities found in the uterine cavity.

And laparoscopy procedure is used to view and detect abnormalities in the abdominal cavity. This includes the ovaries, uterus, pelvis and other abdominal organs. It can be used to perform minor therapeutic surgeries and take biopsies of irregular looking lesions.

With the help of these surgeries which are available at Iris IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital, the doctors can treat the abnormalities which adversely affect your chances of conceiving.

8. Failed IVF Cycle Treatment

Couples undergoing IVF treatment are very much aware of the fact that there is always a possibility of a failure of the IVF cycle. Do not let this fact scare you as with every passing year medical science is coming out with better and more innovative procedures and techniques that increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

This holds true for IVF treatment in Mumbai where you will find the best clinics providing infertility treatment in Mumbai.

Failed IVF Cycle Treatment

Some of the newer techniques which are nowadays incorporated into the IVF treatment in Mumbai are:

  • Now, the embryos are cultured for 5 days (blastocyst stage) instead of 3 days so that better quality of embryos is available for transfer.
  • Newer and better drugs are being used by doctors to improve the endometrial lining and also boost the receptivity to the embryo.
  • To increase the endometrial receptivity to the embryo, advanced techniques like endometrial scratching is available.
  • Apart from this, embryo glue also marginally helps in implantation.
  • Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is considered in some cases.

The doctors at IRIS IVF Center at Saraogi Hospital have the knowledge and the necessary expertise in all the above techniques and recommend them to patients according to their individual requirements. With these newer and more advanced techniques, we have been able to help several patients who suffered from recurrent IVF failure to become proud parents. For the best IVF treatment in Mumbai, you can visit Iris IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital as we believe in serving the people with compassion and care.